Hang Tabs

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Hang Tabs

Hang Tabs are an excellent packaging item. They cut packaging costs by allowing one to use lighter packaging materials to support heavier products. Collar Pack offers a wide range of Hang Tabs to meet all your product as well as retail requirements. They are available in a range of different types and help boost product visibility and increase brand awareness.
Choose from a wide range of styles, designs, and colors to find the right Hang Tab for your product!
Slot Hang Tab

Slot Hang Tabs

Slot Hang Tabs reduce the number of materials used for packaging and allow you to display more, in a limited area.

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Hook Hang Tab

Hook Hang Tabs

Transparent Hook Hang Tabs offer a clean appearance without causing an obstruction to any product message.

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Round Hang Tab

Round Hang Tabs

Round Hang Tabs are easy-to-use, affordable and provide that much-needed strength to the product.

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Fold up hang tab 01

Fold Up Hang Tabs

Fold-up Hang Tabs are available in several formats including the hook fold-up tab, hole fold-up tab, and slot hole fold-up tab.

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Heavy Duty Hang Tabs

Fold-up Heavy Duty Hang Tabs can be used to package large items and help eliminate the need for bulky clamshell packaging.

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Flexi hang tab

Flexi Hang Tabs

Flexi Hang Tabs have the ability to stick well to uneven, curved or uniquely shaped packages without any hindrance.

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Ejected hole hang tab

Ejected Hole Hang Tabs

Ejected Hole Hang Tabs are ideal for displaying several products and make it easy for customers to browse through products.

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bottle neck hang tab

Bottle Neck Hang Tabs

Bottle Neck Hang Tabs can help get your bottle product noticed. They can be printed upon, making them perfect for promotions.

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