Hanging Display Strips

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Hanging Display Strips

Hanging Display Strips are ideal for displaying multiple products. Collar Pack offers a wide range of display strips that are perfect for cross-merchandising products and displaying retail items. Right from standard strips to custom-printed strips, we offer a wide range of hanging display strips to meet all your brand requirements!

Merchandising Hanging Display Strips

Merchandising Display Strips are perfect for increasing product awareness and encouraging sales.

Custom Hanging Display Strips

Adhesive Display Strips help place bulky packages in areas where customers can easily see them.

Adhesive hanging display strips

Adhesive Display Strips are completely customizable in terms of height, width, and spacing.

Display Strip Headers

Display Strip Headers are designed to enhance brand visibility and build brand identity.

Printed Hanging Display Strips

Printed display strip headers with eye-catching graphics ensure your product stand out from the rest.

Impulse Strips

Impulse Strips are a great product which can be used to label your product or even display a message.